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  • CPD Courses

    For the first time IAPB is providing CPD/CET points at a General Assembly, please help us assess the suitability of the initiative and relevance of the courses to your professional development. This section is optional, if you don't have feedback on the CPD courses, simply scroll to the bottom of the form and press submit.
  • Course 3: Diabetic Retinopathy Part 1 – Evidence-based Clinical and Public Health Care

  • Course 6: Myopia – An Alarming Public Health Issue

  • Course 7: Clinical session on Trachoma - Recognizing the Signs of Trachoma, and Surgical Treatment for Trichiasis Surgery

  • Course 11: Developing a High-quality Glaucoma Care Service in Africa

  • Course 12: Diabetic Retinopathy Part 2 – A Global Disease in Local Communities

  • Course 13: Integrating Eye Health into School Health Programmes

  • Course 18: Optometric Clinical Practice - Issues and Advances

  • Course 21: Glaucoma Clinical Care

  • Course 26: How Do I Scale Up My Cataract Surgical Programme?

  • Course 27: Uncorrected Refractive Errors

  • Course 28: Age-related Macular Degeneration

  • Course 31: Low vision - Programme Challenges

  • Course 32: Assessing and Delivering Quality in Cataract Surgical Training and Service

  • Course 36: Blindness from Retinopathy of Prematurity – The Third Epidemic is Spreading

  • Course 37: Ocular Therapeutics for Optometrists