A bouquet of CET/CPD for UK and SA Optometrists

The IAPB 10th General Assembly (10GA) is bringing together over 150 international speakers to discuss a wide range of eye care and public health topics in Durban, South Africa in October 2016.

With over 40 courses, symposia and other presentation formats on offer, the 10GA Programme allows UK optometrists, therapeutics optometrists and dispensing opticians to choose from 12 General Optical Council (GOC) approved interactive CET courses. This would give them the opportunity to gain their annual CET 12 points requirement by attending just this one international event.

Courses cover a range of eye care issues: Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, AMD, ocular therapeutics (and ethics), school eye health programmes, low vision, public health and more. Speakers at these sessions include internationally renowned eye care professionals from around the world.

The 10GA Programme offers CPD in collaboration with the South African Optometry Association (SAOA). The CPD are accredited by the University of KwaZulu-Natal for courses attended in full by South African Optometrists (CPD courses include sessions on therapeutics and ethics).

You can find a full list of CET-accredited courses on the 10GA website, here: https://10ga.iapb.org/blindness-prevention-programme/#uk-optometry-cet and a full list of CPD-accredited courses (for SA optometrists) here: https://10ga.iapb.org/blindness-prevention-programme/#south-africa-optometry-cpd

“I am delighted that the 10GA programme offers such a diverse set of courses and speakers to a discerning audience”, said Alessandro Di Capua, Membership Manager, IAPB. Alessandro has been working on bringing together a variety of accreditations together, including from South Africa. “The 10GA is a great opportunity to share and learn from a diverse mix of eye care actors—with a tangible benefit to take away after the event is over”, he notes.

Karen Sparrow, UK Optometrist and student at ICEH, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said, “The IAPB 10GA is a great opportunity to meet with a wide range of global eye care professionals, share ideas and listen to world-class speakers – and get your CET points at the same time!”.

IAPB thanks Karen Sparrow for her support and advice on the GOC approval process.