How to eat an Elephant (and other stories)

We are very excited to showcase the updated 10GA Programme on the website. We believe the programme reflects the diversity of approaches and interests of the IAPB membership (indeed, the eye care sector). As course conveners invite speakers for their courses, key speakers agree to come on board and sessions take shape on paper, we can see the programme fill out.

Some of the sessions and symposia give you an idea on what to expect (“Better Health for Africa: The critical shortage of health workers” or “Integrating eye care into school programmes”), while some are tantalising (How to eat an elephant”)! In all, the key public health themes of the eye care community find voice through the myriad sessions and presentations on the programme.

But the most interesting aspect of all, are the hundreds of free paper and poster presentations that are submitted over the next couple of weeks. What form and shape will they take? What areas of interest and new ideas will find space? With only two months to go for the abstract submission deadline, we wait with a mix of anticipation and quiet excitement.


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