Diabetes and Eye health—CEHJ special issue


Writing in the latest edition of the Community Eye Health Journal (CEHJ), David Cavan, Director of Policy & Programmes at the International Diabetes Federation, draws attention to the implications of diabetes to eye health.

Delegates to the 10GA will be interested to note that he writes about the DR Barometer Project (which collated the experiences of 3,590 people with diabetes and 1,451 health professionals from 41 countries) and the insights it has to offer. You will have more opportunities to engage with this project at the 10GA—stay tuned.

How do we take the insights from the Barometer project and other such evidence to better handle DR and DME in a public health setting? What lessons can we learn from existing good practices?

Do make plans to attend our two courses on Diabetic Retinopathy–Part 1: Evidence-based Clinical and Public Health Care and Part 2: A Global Disease in Local Communities—to make the most of the event.

Do read up the latest issue of the Community Eye Health Journal to learn more on Diabetes and eye health.


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