Course 1

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Latest research updates in Trachoma control

Convenor: Sheila West


The trachoma community has made great strides in developing, testing, and using methods designed to help reach the goal of Elimination by 2020. Mapping trachoma has clarified the public health burden, new modalities are being developed that have potential use for surveillance, and new tools to improve morbidity management are being tested. This course will present an update and future plans from some of the major initiatives in trachoma research.

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Be informed about the importance of detailed mapping and outcomes of the largest disease mapping project that has been attempted
  • Understand surveillance challenges for trachoma, and the rationale for new tools
  • Be informed about the evidence base for use of azithromycin in trachoma control
  • Understand challenges and approaches to evaluating tools, overcoming challenges and training personnel for morbidity management in trachoma
Sheila WestIntroduction
Anthony SolomonGlobal Trachoma Mapping Project: successes and new estimates
Diana MartinSurveillance: is there a place for antibody testing in monitoring trachoma control outcomes?
Sheila WestRationale use of Azithormycin for Trachoma control: what have we learned?
Emily GowerTraining Trichiasis surgeons: evaluation of a surgical simulation tool

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