Course 11

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Developing a high-quality glaucoma care service in Africa

Convenor: Fatima Kyari
GOC for Optometrists GOC for Therapeutic Optometrists GOC for Dispensing Opticians

This course will describe the challenges and solutions of glaucoma care in Africa. Challenges from the patients’ perspectives as well as from the service provider perspectives will be discussed. On-going glaucoma sub-specialty training initiatives and intervention trials will be presented, with opportunities for discussion. The development of a model of high-quality glaucoma service in sub-Saharan Africa will be described. This includes programme planning and implementation, clinical care and public health interventions for the control of glaucoma blindness. Recommendations at the last ‘Glaucoma in Africa’ meeting in Kampala will be discussed with a focus on targets achieved and determining next priorities.


By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the various challenges that contribute to the burden of glaucoma blindness in Africa
  • Be able to critically assess patients’ perspectives on glaucoma care and be able to address them.
  • Know the training opportunities available for glaucoma subspecialty and how to access them.
  • Understand the steps taken to develop efficient, streamlined high-quality glaucoma care services.
  • Be able to contribute and make recommendations to the continued development of glaucoma services in Africa.
Fatima KyariEpidemiology of glaucoma in Africa
Rita MomohChallenges from patients perspectives
and inadequate services
Mohammed AbdullPossible solutions - evidence from intervention trials
Kunle HassanGlaucoma subspecialty training initiatives;
Review of competency-based training in glaucoma
Andrew BastawrousRole of ICT and EMR in tracking
Adeola OnakoyaDevelopment of a model service for glaucoma
Hannah Faal
David Friedman
Dan Kiage
Neeru Gupta
Leon Herndon
Discussion, next steps and recommendations

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