Course 16

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Building from the bottom-up: primary eye care and the global action plan

Convenors: Renee Du Toit and Ronnie Graham

The WHO Global Action Plan 2014-2019 to achieve Universal Eye Health (WHO 2013) makes several references to the importance of Primary Eye Care in achieving Objective 2: ‘National Eye Health policies, plans and programmes for enhancing universal eye health developed and/or strengthened and implemented in line with WHO’s framework for action for strengthening health systems in order to improve health outcomes’.

More specifically, Action 2.1 encourages us to ‘secure the inclusion of PEC into PHC’. WHO will provide member states with tools and technical advice on PEC while international partners will support national leadership in identifying the financial and technical resources required for implementing the polices and plans and inclusion of PEC in PHC. Similarly, Action 2.2 encourages us all to ensure funding for comprehensive, integrated health care: Action 2.3 urges us to undertake the planning of human resources as part of the wider HRH planning while Action 2.4 urges the development of stronger referral mechanisms. In other words, WHO regards Primary Eye Care as central to the delivery of the Global Action Plan and this course will outline how the different IAPB regions are approaching this challenge.


  • To illustrate how different IAPB regions are approaching the challenge of integrating PEC into PHC
  • To identify context-specific learning and technical resources
  • To build commitment to implementing context-specific, best practice, PEC across the world
Elena SchmidtThe burden of ocular morbidity at the primary level
Wanjiku Mathenge (TBC)Introducing new PEC algorithms in Africa
Haroon AwanEMR Primary eye care learning resource
Haroon AwanPEC in Pakistan
Juan Carlos SilvaVarieties of PEC in Latin America
Andrew BastawrousPEEK and PEC
Massimo PresenteBuilding PEC in the national health system of Rwanda

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