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Child Eye Health: We do what it takes

Convenor: Rahul Ali

This course is sponsored by Orbis, our 10GA Programme Partner. Programme Partners are NGOs (IAPB members) who will host and run a full, listed session which will be part of the scientific programme, in collaboration with the Scientific Programme committee. IAPB thanks them for their support.

With an estimated 1.4 million blind children globally, child eye health remains a priority for all of us. This course will cover the salient features of effective child eye health interventions. Topics ranging from gender, equity, and the role of traditional healers to the impact of our programs on a child’s life will be discussed in a unique, interactive format. The issue of refractive error and its effect on the education of children will be examined with case studies and research from around the world. This course will arm program planners and managers with practical information for use in the field.

  • Enable better planning, implementation and evaluation of child eye health projects
  • Understand the social aspects of child eye health
  • Understand quality in child eye health and how it can be assessed.

Key themes to be discussed in the course:

  • Gender and other equity issues
  • Impact of improved vision on a child’s life
  • Evaluating quality and outcomes in children’s eye care

Each topic will be introduced by an impact video that will set the scene for detailed discussion by the panel. The anchor will drive the momentum of the discussion as well as invite audience participation.

Course sponsored by:

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Marion Scher
Susan Levine
Nathan Congdon
Parikshit Gogate
Kangwa Ichengelo Mulenga Muma
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