Course 18

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Optometric clinical practice: Issues & Advances

Convenor: Tuwani Rasengane
GOC for Optometrists GOC for Therapeutic Optometrists GOC for Dispensing Opticians

A vast array of clinical issues face the optometric practitioner at any given time. These issues very often are set aside due to lengthy chair time required for assessment and limited resources available from patients to acquire feasible solutions.

While binocular vision assessment has well established itself as a fundamental element in ensuring clear and comfortable visual outcomes, many practitioners still struggle to perform a comprehensive binocular vision assessment, very often due to a lack of equipment. The speaker on this topic will provide participants with an overview of assessment without specialised binocular vision equipment.

Low vision while necessary, is practiced the least of all the optometry subspecialties. Today, solutions for low vision patients focus on inconspicuous corrections and tools that allow the patient to function within mainstream settings. The aim of this presentation is to provide participants with an overview of what is needed in educating children with low vision.

The management of patients with inflammatory eye disease can sometimes prove challenging, especially in considering adverse effects. The speak on this topic will provide an understanding of the indications for drugs used and their position in treatment algorithms, an understanding of the role of local versus systemic agents and highlight the adverse effects and monitoring protocols for the most common drugs.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop an effective assessment strategy for common binocular vision anomalies
  • Describe effective strategies in educating children with low vision
  • Describe the indications and use of drugs used in the treatment of inflammatory eye disease
Alvin MunsamyAccurate binocular vision assessment without specialised equipment
Hasan MintoEducation of children with low vision
Dhanes ThomasPrescribing in Inflammatory Eye Disease

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