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Onchocerciasis: Lessons for and from the end-game

Convenor: Adrian Hopkins

This course is sponsored by Mectizan Donation Program, our 10GA Programme Partner. Programme Partners are NGOs (IAPB members) who will host and run a full, listed session which will be part of the scientific programme, in collaboration with the Scientific Programme committee. IAPB thanks them for their support.

2025 has been set as a target to eliminate onchocerciasis from most countries around the world. Africa is the most affected. What are the lessons learned from progress so far, what do we still need to do and how can these lessons help control blinding disease?

  • Be informed about the reasons for effective onchocerciasis control and the current progress to elimination of the disease.
  • Understand the paradigm shift in thinking and approach in the transition from control to elimination.
  • Based on the Onchocerciasis experience be able to use different community approaches to achieve health outcomes
  • Apply lessons learned to public health approaches to other blinding diseases.

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Adrian HopkinsIntroduction to the course
Elizabeth ElhassanWhere are we now and where will we be in 2025
Moses KatabarwaThe community: key to success
Martin KollmanStrategies and tools for the end-game
Franca OlamijuCross-sectoral approaches
Adrian HopkinsLessons for other blinding diseases
Speakers + Dr Tony UketyQ and A with panel

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