Course 23

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Health management information systems (HMIS)

Convenors: Juan Carlos Silva


This course describes the integration of eye care indicators in the national health information systems. Speakers will address which information is feasible to include in the national health information systems, mechanism of inclusion, coverage of data collection, lessons learned, challenges and barriers.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:


  • Understand the importance of having member states collecting and reporting on eye care indicators.
  • Know which indicators are feasible to get into the national health information systems.
  • Learn the mechanisms, best practices and challenges to include eye care indicators in the national health information systems.
  • How to use the national health information systems for reporting and planning.


Serge ResnikoffImportance of ministries of health collecting and reporting eye care data
Ivo KocurWhich are the core indicators that WHO member states needs to report?
Simon DayIAPB Africa HMIS 2016
Ismatullah ChaudryEMRO: Regional perspective and one country best practices
Juan Carlos SilvaAMRO: Regional perspective and best practices from Colombia
Van LansinghRole of national committees in supporting ministries of health states in data collection and reporting
Panel discussionExpectations for countries on health information systems in eye care

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