Course 26

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How do I scale up my cataract surgical programme?

Convenors: Van Lansingh and Rohit Khanna


Globally, the outputs for cataract surgeries have doubled in the past decade from 10 million annually to 20 million annually. However, with the increase in ageing population, there is a little reduction in the prevalence of cataract blindness. In some developing countries like India and China, population of 65 years and above have doubled in past 2 decades. Hence, despite little reduction in prevalence of cataract blindness, the absolute numbers have increased. Apart from this there is quiet significant variability in cataract surgical rates (CSR) in different regions, countries as well as districts within countries. Other factors, which can affect output are good leadership, governance, well trained human resources, finances etc. Despite all these odds, there are models across the globe which have shown increase in productivity in terms of output of cataract surgeries and thus showing a reduction in prevalence of blindness.

This course will explore various strategies used by projects in different regions, what they have in common and how they adapted to local circumstances to become successful and allow for growth in the services provided. These include outreach activities, alternative financing, development plans, purchasing strategies, training of different cadres of eye health workers etc. At the end of the course, the participants would be able to understand the key principles for increasing the cataract surgical outputs in a sustainable basis and would be able to apply it to their local situation.


    • To understand the changing trends in cataract surgeries globally
    • To review different successful models performing high volume cataract surgeries
    • To understand the key factors responsible for a sustainable cataract surgical programme
Van LansinghChanging trends: global output of cataract surgeries and present challenges
Rohit KhannaCataract surgeries in India
Elesh JainInsights from the Cataract Backlog Free Zone initiatives
Jialiang Zhao Million Cataract Programme in China: how it worked and is it replicable?
Fitsum Bekele Hilton Program for cataract surgery in Africa
Van LansinghA model for training cataract surgeons in the developing world
Janos NemethCataract is possibly a neglected disease in Europe
Rainald DuerksenTraining doctors from various countries to meet the needs of the Latin American region
Mundi QaloPacific Outreach - a blue continent model of collaborative eye care

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