Course 31

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Low vision: Programme Challenges

Convenor: Jill Keeffe
GOC for Optometrists


Most countries have faced many challenges in introducing and planning the development of effective low vision services to meet the needs of the population with low vision. The course will present tools to undertake a situation analysis for comprehensive low vision care for adults and children and will present progress by the World Health Organization on the development of standards of care which will be available to guide countries to start or expand their low vision services. Critical components of programmes such as the cadres in a workforce that need to be trained and supported and the challenges will be outlined. The range of technology and devices recommended for each level within a model of care will be described. Examples will be presented on how models of care delivered in different countries have been implemented, monitored and evaluated.


By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Have awareness of the sources of information about what constitutes a comprehensive model of low vision care with examples from different areas throughout the world
  • Become familiar and learn the benefit and use of tools and guidelines to assist in planning and delivering effective low vision programs to gain coverage across a country that addresses the needs of diverse populations
  • Gain awareness of the needs for training programs for the different cadres in the workforce who deliver different components in a low vision programme
  • Learn about the range of materials, devices and technology to assess peoples’ needs and prescribe the necessary devices and training in an integrated low vision programme
  • Develop the information systems and how the information can be used to plan, monitor and evaluate low vision services
Silvio MariottiVision Rehabilitation Standards: the outcomes of the WHO International Consensus Conference, Rome 2015
Jill KeeffeTool for the Assessment of Rehabilitation Support Services
Haroon AwanDeveloping a Country Score-Card for Low Vision
Sumrana YasminLow Vision Services - A Public Private Community Partnership Approach in Pakistan
Anne EbriDeveloping Human Resources for Low Vision: Challenges in Africa
Jonathan JacksonIAPB Standard List of Low Vision Materials and Devices
Hasan MintoDeveloping an Effective Advocacy Framework for Inclusion of Persons with Low Vision

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