Course 32

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Assessing and Delivering Quality in Cataract Surgical Training and Service

Convenor: Nathan Congdon

Our attention to cataract as the leading cause of world blindness has often focused on numbers: how to raise the cataract surgical rate, how to train more surgeons, how to get more patients to accept surgery. Increasing numbers of surgeries, however, will not alleviate the cataract burden unless quality of service is improved at the same time. Almost uniquely among major causes of disability, an effective approach to cataract is highly dependent on our ability to measure and deliver high quality service, from training to screening to surgery itself to follow up. This course will describe the best models and technologies available today to assess and deliver high-quality training and cataract surgical service.

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the principals of designing a cataract surgical curriculum, including the definition of content, standards and assessment
  • Learn about a large cataract surgical training program, including achievements and lessons learned
  • Understand novel training systems for cataract surgery
  • Introduce several methods of assessing cataract surgical outcomes, appropriate for larger and smaller facilities
  • Answer questions from attendees about the challenges they face in cataract training in their home countries
Karl GolnikHow do we teach cataract surgery effectively?
Dan KiageThe Hilton Cataract Initiative: Building a high-quality cataract surgical facility in sub-Saharan Africa
Van LansinghNovel, simulator-based models of cataract surgical training
Ganesh SubburamanHow quality of cataract surgery is measured at Aravind
Hans LimburgMeasuring cataract surgical quality in areas of limited resources
Nathan CongdonThe BOOST Cataract App: Evidence-based measurement of cataract surgical quality where few patients return
Nathan CongdonReal-time visual acuity testing to monitor cataract surgical outcome in developing country settings
Xu XiaoThe 2014 national eye care capacity and resource survey in China

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