Course 34

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Innovation in Eye Care

Convenors: Neil Murray and Andrew Bastawrous


The majority of people with limited access to eye care are those living in remote and challenging locations. As the gap between eye care providers and those needing eye care continues to increase, innovative ways of tackling the problems must be explored.

The last decade has seen a huge rise in the accessibility of mobile telecommunication devices. At the same time there has been a re-tasking of the applicability of existing technologies to eye care, with several examples proving beneficial in the delivery of eye care at scale.

This course will showcase a range of innovative technologies being applied in eye care. It will highlight the potential that they bring to extending access to those currently most in need.
A panel discussion will explore opportunities to integrate some of the innovations described to work together towards achieving universal eye health.


By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Have been exposed to the broad range of contemporary and pipeline innovative technology solutions in eye care.
  • Understand how technology can be used for global health and the development agenda, and the opportunities and challenges this presents for eye health.
  • Consider practical steps they can take to use innovative approaches in their own programmes.

    Neil MurrayIntroduction
    Daniel NeelyOrbis: Cybersight
    William MaphamVula
    Jordan Kassalow / Sam BrundrettReaching one Million Presbyopes:  BRAC/VisionSpring Reading Glasses for Livelihood
    Andrew BastawrousOptibrand: RetCheck
    Andrew BastawrousClearly Winner
    Andrew BastawrousPeek – a platform for eye care
    Speakers + Tim CarterPanel Discussion
    Andrew BastawrousFinal remarks

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