Course 38

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Equity and Eye Health

Convenor: Hannah Faal and Jacqueline Ramke


Equity has been considered an integral component and implied outcome of VISION 2020. Equity was similarly perceived within Universal Health Coverage (UHC), but its position has now evolved to be regarded as a complex but measurable indicator of UHC success. A similar shift is required to achieve the Universal Eye Health aims of the Global Action Plan.

This course will describe the current status of equity on global health and development agenda, and highlight challenges and opportunities this presents for promoting equity and achieving universal eye health. Existing evidence and remaining evidence gaps will be summarised, and methods to monitor inequalities outlined. Case studies will be provided to highlight a range of strategies being implemented to measure inequality and promote equity in eye health. Innovations to promote equity in eye care will be discussed.


By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand how equity is currently conceived on global health and development agenda, and the opportunities and challenges this presents for eye health;
  • Understand why monitoring inequality between different populations and subgroups is necessary to achieve universal eye health;
  • Be aware of a range of strategies to promote equity in different contexts;
  • Consider practical steps they can take to promote equity in their own programs, and contribute to the evidence base for equity in eye care.
Hannah FaalIntroduction and health equity background
Jacqueline RamkeEquity in eye care background
Ibrahim NazaraddenExploring gender inequality in paying for cataract surgery in Nigeria
Elena SchmidtMeasuring equity of access to health services by people with disabilities: lessons from India, Ghana and Tanzania
Thomas EngelsMeasuring the economic status of project beneficiaries: Sightsavers experience in Africa & Asia
Nathan CongdonPRICE: A model to balance equity and sustainability in children's glasses distribution for rural China
Andrew BastawrousSmartphone-based school vision health programme. The Peek School Screening System - extending access to eye services
Fortunate ShijaEngaging women's groups to find and support people to attend outreach in Tanzania
Heidi LaviersFunding strategies that increase 'sustainability' may also increase inequality: lessons from Ghana
Speakers + Babar QureshiPanel discussion

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