Course 7

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Clinical session on Trachoma: recognizing the signs of Trachoma, and surgical treatment for Trichiasis surgery

Convenor: Sheila West
GOC for Optometrists GOC for Therapeutic Optometrists GOC for Dispensing Opticians

This clinical session on trachoma will consist of two parts. The first is understanding the World Health Organization and Global Trachoma Mapping project approach to training for trachoma assessment. A practice trial, using photographs, will be done with participants. The second component will focus on training and update on surgery for trichiasis. A demonstration of using the HEADSTART surgical simulation tool will be carried out, with an opportunity for some course participants to use the tool; this will be followed by a presentation on complications and management in trichiasis cases.

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the principles of grading standardization, and specifically the approach to assessment of signs of trachoma
  • Be informed, and gain practical experience about, the use of surgical simulation in training trichiasis surgeons
  • Understand the complicated cases of trichiasis and the value of different approaches to management
Sheila WestIntroduction
Anthony SolomonGlobal Trachoma Training graders for assessment of Trachoma in the field: GTMP experience
Amir Bedri / Emily GowerUsing novel technologies to train TT surgeons: demonstration
Shannath MerbsManaging complicated Trichiasis

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