Course 9

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Improving eye care service delivery through mentoring

Convenor: Suzanne Gilbert


There is growing recognition that a substantial proportion of unmet eye care needs could be fulfilled by more efficient and effective use of available eye care services. Moreover there is growing expertise in how to help programmes to achieve these greater performance levels. Conventional planning for eye care services tends to stop at doing more of the same. Clearly this is not sufficient to meet global needs, particularly as our definition of eye care becomes more comprehensive and demand for services continues to grow.

This course will present strategies, tools, and evidence for improving eye care service delivery. Presenters will cite case examples of increases in effectiveness and efficiency produced by mentoring in multiple regions around the world.


  • Understand major components of eye care programme improvement through mentoring
  • Learn about systematic efforts to strengthen providers and services
  • Identify high-impact intervention points and improvement strategies applied in multiple regions
  • Understand the benefits of collaboration among institutions to sustain impact of improvements
  • Cite new strategies to promote comprehensive sustainability
Heidi ChaseComponents of a Service Improvement Programme
Sashipriya KarumanchiIdentifying high-gain intervention points
Asim SilCultivating leadership support for improvement
Edson EliahStrengthening community engagement
Raj ShekarImproving clinical performance and efficiency
David GreenBuilding your financial sustainability plan
Juan Francisco YeeCollaboration to sustain impact of improvements
Andy Cassells-Brown, Cassie ThielSustainability strategies to reduce cost, waste, and environmental impact

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