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Saturday 29th


Speaker: Philip Hoare – IAPB Procurement Manager

Title: Introduction to the completely new 2016 IAPB Standard List

Brief Overview:

  • How to access the site – no registration
  • Summary of the brand new features
  • Explanation of guide pricing
  • Brief demonstration of the interactive site

Saturday 29th


Speaker: Sally Crook, Seeing is Believing Programme Manager, IAPB

Title: Seeing is Believing: Strengthening eye care

Brief Overview: Seeing is Believing – a collaboration of IAPB and Standard Chartered Bank. Reflections from the Seeing is Believing programme across Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America

Saturday 29th


Speaker: Yi Beibei – IAPB China, Yuddha Sapkota – IAPB SEA, Damian Facciolo – IAPB WPR and Robin Percy – IAPB

Title: IAPB Workshops – Support to GAP at regional and national level

Brief Overview: A brief introduction to the IAPB workshop programme, with case studies from China, Sri Lanka and Vietnam to illustrate how workshops advance Universal Eye Health at national level. In partnership with the Ministries of Health, IAPB targeted workshops have been a catalyst to taking forward eye health planning in line with the Global Action Plan.