Films for behavioural change towards eye care: 10GA Poster

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Can films really help breakdown the social and cultural barriers that prevent people from seeking out eye care? Orbis Africa in partnership with STEPS set out to test just that.

STEPS, a special collaboration between filmmakers from Southern Africa and European broadcasters, produced three eye health documentaries to initiate social change and pioneer awareness of eye disease. In order to promote debate and discussions, the screenings incorporate personal testimonies and discussions wherein the facilitators encourage the audience to decide on individual and group action.

The study was carried out based on an Orbis commissioned research by Medical Anthropologist Professor Susan Levine, who identified several factors as barriers that prevent caregivers from taking their children for evaluation and management of their eye problems.

To learn more, be a part of the Poster presentation by Helen White, at the 10GA, on 29 October, between 15:30 to 16:00.

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