Meet SIB sponsored African delegates attending the 10GA

Kid gets his eyes checked

Standard Chartered’s global health initiative, Seeing is Believing (SiB), is sponsoring 25 mid-level medical professionals from their projects in eight African countries to attend 10GA.  Here is the first part; we continue tracing their journey.


Akua Boatemaa Agyeman

Akua Boatemaa Agyeman, a delegate selected from Ghana says attending the 10GA is a dream come true. “I am excited that I’m joining other professionals in eye care from all over the world, for this all important conference. In fact I can’t wait to interact and learn new ideas so as to render a more excellent service to my clients (patients). For me, it is indeed a dream come true. Thanks to my sponsors for making this dream a reality.”

Sia Avith Mbishi who works with one of SIB’s Innovation Fund projects on Glaucoma through CBM in Tanzania has several hopes from the GA. “I hope to get out of 10GA an increased competence addressing care seekers and their family members. I want to help them feel better, to feel unforgotten and gain more competence to serve them


Sia Avith Mbishi

technically, medically and support them emotionally.”

She is also grateful to SiB for this opportunity. “Closing my eyes for a minute I can only imagine how hard it is for a blind person. This is a lifetime opportunity whereby it will help me acquire relevant knowledge and become an eye health advocate delivering the best patient care.”


Paula Sefadzi Nkrumah-Gatsey

For Paula Sefadzi Nkrumah-Gatsey (from Ghana) attending the GA is a privilege. “I am very thankful for the privilege to be at this year’s IAPB general assembly. This is a rare opportunity where I know I will receive insight and be equipped, to enable me to join the bandwagon of preventing avoidable blindness.”

Enyonam Fiadzorgbe another delegate from Ghana, is excited to attend the GA, thanks to SiB. “I am very glad that I am a partner to SiB. SiB is not only concerned with helping in the provision of good eye care and prevention of blindness but also in the capacity building of eyecare providers. With this opportunity to attend the IAPB Conference, I feel privileged, excited and more enthusiastic to work harder. Thank you very much SiB.”