About Durban / South Africa

The Republic of South Africa (RSA) is situated at the southern tip of Africa with a three thousand kilometre coastline, along the South Atlantic and Indian oceans. With a population of 53 million and a multi-ethnic society, South Africa is a great venue for the 10th General Assembly.

South Africa is also synonymous with the long, arduous struggle against Apartheid, and the country’s efforts towards transforming into a country which is in peace with its multi-ethnic diversity. In this context, it is an honour that the 10GA will be organised and hosted by Prof Kovin Naidoo, an anti-apartheid activist and former political prisoner, and world renowned optometrist and public health expert. As Chair of the 10GA Organising Committee, he will be representing the Brien Holden Vision Institute. The Institute works in South Africa (and the region) with other IAPB members, including the Standard Chartered Bank and ORBIS among others.

South Africa has significant regional influence and also has deep cultural relations with a number of countries across the world. The country enjoys a temperate climate, with Durban averaging around 35 to 17 degrees Celsius in the month of October. Durban’s waterfront and many other tourist spots make it a great place to unwind in the evenings and to explore Kwazulu-Natal’s geography.

Do read up on the safety and security instructions before you make travel plans.

Please have a look at our Travel to Durban pages which will give you more information on Durban as Destination, the Venue for the event, Visa Requirements for South Africa & Delegate Accommodation in Durban.


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