Yoswa Dambisya on human resources for health crisis in Africa

Dr. Dambisya

Yoswa M Dambisya, Director General of the East, Central and Southern Africa Health Community (ECSA- HC) and Keynote Speaker at the 10GA, through his paper titled, A political economy analysis of human resources for health (HReH) in Africa”, sheds light on the multiple reasons behind the human resources for health crisis in Africa and cites the example of the positive strides taken by Ethiopia.

Yoswa Dambisya

Yoswa Dambisya Keynote Speaker 10GA

“Despite a global recognition from all stakeholders of the gravity and urgency of health worker shortage in Africa, little progress has been achieved to improve health worker coverage in many of the African HReH crisis countries”.Of the 57 HReH countries, 37 are still in Sub-Saharan Africa (2011, WHO).

His paper uses political economy analysis and identifies several impediments: dampening of HReH investments due to institutional arrangements, mismatch between tenure in office and program results, vertical nature of health programming and more.

You can download the paper here, HReH Political economy





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